The Drunken Hunchback’s Mistake

[A little bit NSFW]

There once was a hunchback from Geneva
who was a wiz with stitches and anesthesia
but a mistake robbing graves
that he regrets to this day
leaves him drinking to induce amnesia.

His boss, a doctor of dreadful arts
was inept in matters of the heart
but young Frankenstein
was ahead of his time
and so he made a wing-man from spare parts.

The villagers called it a monster
They threatened to torch the poor doctor
but Vic was a prick
and a cowardly dick
and so he sent his poor creature to the slaughter.

The men torched the monster of course
and their wives wept in remorse
’cause Igor’s regret
robbing the grave of a pet
meant that thing had the cock of a horse.

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