The Menace from Earth

Hailing from Knoxville TN, The Menace from Earth began terrorizing the galaxy in 2014 with a sonic vibration invasion of mad melodies that has been described as:

“Cheesy and spacey and outlandish” — Steve Wildsmith, The Daily Times

They have released 2 EPs. The Menace From Earth Gets Lucky (St Paddy’s Day 2015) & The Menace from Earth Makes Love (Valentines Day 2016)

When they’re not busy judging costume/dance competitions at their live shows or getting into nerf gun wars with the audience, they are hard at work on their first full length album coming in the fall of 2016.

Hide the necronomicon, lock up your sexbots, and hang on tight to your towel.

The Menace from Earth is coming!

…and the galaxy will never be the same.