How Safe is Your Boyfriend from Alien Seduction?

Watch out ladies! There’s a new threat in the solar system.

No longer satisfied with abduction and study, these extraterrestrial temptresses are now seducing the men of planet earth.

Think your man won’t stray? don’t be so sure.

Reports from around the globe indicate that even the most loyal and devoted men are susceptible to the wicked wiles of these otherworldly women.

Protect your relationship before it’s too late!

From the company that brought you H.A.T.S.S. (Harmonic Arrestation Tinfoil Safety System)

Our industrious engineers have developed a new cutting edge technology to keep you safe.

Introducing T.E.M.P.T.

(Temptation Excitation Male Protection Technology)

An affordable way to keep your man safe from the E.V. threat.

…but don’t take my word for it, listen to this!

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