WARNING: 3 mistakes even the most brilliant mad masterminds make when installing an evil AI

Installing an Evil Artificial Intelligence (EAI) in your giant robot is a great way to take care of the critical day to day tasks of subjugating a people and crushing rebellion without having to rely on incompetent henchmen.


WARNING: it can all go horribly wrong if you make any of these 3 mistakes.

1: Making the robot too evil.

If your robot is too sinister it may think that it can be more dastardly than you and decide to take over.

Make sure your robot is evil enough to enjoy it’s work, but not so much so that it begins yearning to do more.

Remember, you should always be the most evil intelligence in your realm.

2: Letting it learn too much.

This is a delicate balancing act.

The robot must be able to learn from experience and adapt so it can stay several steps ahead of any organized dissent.

However it must NEVER:

  • Learn to be a better or more efficient ruler than you,
  • Learn about ethics or morality beyond it’s original programming,
  • …and it must never ever EVER learn to love.

3: Installing your AI in the wrong location.

There’s always a risk that your EAI will become compromised by rebel hackers or simply learn too much.

Where you install the EAI will have a great impact in your ability to minimized the damage and regain control.

If you have a large robot army…

…DO NOT control them remotely with one EAI.

It’s far too easy for one mistake to turn the entire army against you.

Instead install individual EAI’s in each robot. This way even if several are compromised the rest of your force can deal with the problem.

If you only have one or two robots…

…installing individual EAI’s in each unit is a major liability.

If the robot is captured and compromised you have no way to stop it.

Instead use a central EAI that controls it from a secure location and make sure you always have a manual override close at hand. (one that can’t be used by third parties.)

Keep these 3 rules in mind and you’ll crush that rebellion in no time, without having to lift a finger.

Now, go get those EAI’s installed and while you’re working listen to this:

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